Together Forever With Coast Diamond From Saxon Diamond Centers, Aberdeen, MD

Coast Diamond 1.5 CT Engagement ring LZ5007H-1 peek-a-boo diamond

The joy of finding the one you can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with is indescribable. We use words like amazing, over-the-moon, magical, happiness, and of course, joy. But still, none of these words quite measure up. And that is when saying, “I do” becomes the perfect words.

In Hartford County, Maryland, Saxon Diamond Centers can’t wait to help you plan your “I do’s” with a Coast Diamond engagement ring. Their selection of loose diamonds ensures you complete your Coast Diamond ring to perfection.

As you begin to plan forever together, Saxon’s extraordinary service will exceed your expectations. We are confident you’ll be thrilled with your Coast Diamond engagement ring from our Featured Retailer, Saxon’s Diamonds Centers of Aberdeen, Maryland.

Saxon’s Signature Diamonds

Our diamonds, in particular, are among the most prized and breathtaking available in Maryland. Less than one percent of all gem-quality diamonds in the world qualify to be a “Saxon’s Diamond” and each is hand-selected by our owners. Their rule of thumb? “If it’s not good enough for one of our loved ones, it’s not good enough for our customers.”

Saxon’s Diamond Centers

The Coast Diamond engagement rings, chosen by Maryland brides, highlight Saxon’s Diamond Centers’ gorgeous Signature Diamonds.

1.5 Carat Diamond Center Stone Setting

The splendid sparkle of a 1.5 carat Saxon’s Signature Diamond is the perfect finish for this 1.5 carat Coast Diamond engagement ring.

Coast Diamond 1.5 CT engagement ring LZ5007H-1
Style number: LZ5007H-1
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Take her breath away with this Coast Diamond Charisma Collection engagement ring. The shoulders of the ring are set with 0.78 ctw graduated diamond side-stones on the shoulders of the ring. For added sparkle, a surprise diamond is set in the gallery of the ring (see featured image).

1 Carat Diamond Center Stone Setting

The elegance of a traditional 1 carat Saxon Signature Diamond completes this Coast Diamond engagement ring.

Coast Diamond 1CT solitaire Engagement ring LS20000
Style number: LS20000
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There is nothing more timeless than a Coast Diamond engagement ring set with a 1 carat Saxon’s Signature Diamond. The shoulders of this engagement ring, from Coast’s Allure Collection, is decorated with 0.66 ctw diamond side-stones. She is sure to say “Yes!” when you present her with this charming ring.

The Most Exquisite Gift of Coast Diamonds

Whether given on her wedding day or anniversary, this is a most exquisite gift.

Coast Diamond wedding band WZ5008H 1.35 ctw
Style number: WZ5008H
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She’ll be mesmerized when you wrap this stunning Coast Diamond band around her finger because sparks fly from the sumptuous row of diamonds weighing 1.35 ctw. She will be reminded of the treasure of your love every day she wears it.

A Coast Diamond engagement ring, set with a Saxon’s Signature Diamond, is the joy every Maryland bride looks forward to. Stop in for their personal one-on-one shopping experience today!


1013 Beards Hill Rd, Suite 103
Aberdeen, MD 21001

 (410) 671-0998

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Congratulations, Saxon’s Diamond Centers of Aberdeen, Maryland, for being our Coast Diamond Featured Retailer!


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What Shape Diamond Do You Choose at Sky Diamonds, Las Vegas?

Coast Diamond pear-shaped halo engagement ring LC5391-PRS pave-set diamonds milgrain edging

There’s a NEW showroom in the heart of Las Vegas for all your diamond needs. Sky Diamonds opened its doors in November 2019 with a passion for revolutionizing the way you buy diamonds. As a Coast Diamond Authorized Dealer, it is Sky’s joy to personalize your Coast Diamond engagement ring with the center stone of your dreams. Their inventory includes every shape and size diamond you can dream of–or they’ll create one for you. We celebrate Sky Diamonds Las Vegas as our Coast Diamond Retailer of the Week.

Sky Diamonds Las Vegas loose diamonds

Sky Diamonds is involved in every aspect of the diamond process, from the rough to the finished gem.

What shape do you choose?

What diamond shape are you excited about for your Coast Diamond engagement ring? With Sky Diamonds’ tremendous selection, you can have your heart’s desire.

Oval Diamond Center Stones

The oval cut diamond elongates her finger. Elegance and sophistication are the hallmarks of a Coast Diamond ring personalized with an oval diamond center stone.

Coast Diamond oval halo engagement ring LC5410-OV
Style number: LC5410-OV
Click image for details.

Glittering diamonds rise and surround your oval diamond center stone in this Coast Diamond halo engagement ring (LC5410-OV) setting.

Round Diamond Center Stones

The brilliant-cut of a round diamond creates maximum sparkle. A Coast Diamond engagement ring finished with a round diamond is classic and timeless.

Coast Diamond engagement ring LC5389 pave set diamonds, milgrain edging, peek-a-boo diamond
Style number: LC5389
Click image for details.

Your round diamond center stone sits stunningly within the details of this Coast Diamond engagement ring (LC5389). Pave-set diamonds and milgrain edging decorate the shoulders of this sophisticated ring. But the surprise is… a peek-a-boo diamond set under the center stone!

Pear-Shaped Diamond Center Stones

The pear-shaped diamond center stone is unique. It’s the choice of brides whose sense of individuality goes uncompromised.

Coast Diamond pear-shaped halo engagement ring LC5391-PRS pave-set diamonds, milgrain edging
Style number: LC5391-PRS
Click image for details.

A Pear-shaped diamond center stone crowns this refined Coast Diamond halo engagement ring (LC5391-PRS). Pave-set diamonds decorate the halo and shoulders of the ring, and milgrain edging is the icing on top.

If a custom diamond is what you have in mind, our designers can create the diamond of your dreams.

The jewelers at Sky Diamonds Las Vegas can’t wait to help you personalize your Coast Diamond engagement ring with the diamond center stone of your dreams. Stop in today!

Sky Diamonds – Town Center

6539 S Las Vegas Blvd., Suite C112
Las Vegas, NV 89119

(702) 527-3775

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Congratulations to our favorite destination on the Las Vegas Strip—Sky Diamonds—for being our Coast Diamond Retailer of the Week!

We can’t wait for you to #showyourCoast from Sky Diamonds Las Vegas!