The Coast Diamond Men’s Guide to Buying an Engagement Ring: Quality

Well, gentlemen, we have arrived at the more detailed part of selecting an engagement ring. We can’t all be experts, but we want to help you go into the jewelry store armed with some thoughts that are important when buying her engagement ring in terms of quality. So here is our third and final installment of The Coast Diamond Men’s Guide to Buying an Engagement Ring: Quality.


Style numbers: Engagement Ring LC5410-RG, Band WC5410-RG

Thoughts on Quality from Coast Diamond’s Founder and Designer, Jay Gilbert

  1. Preview the engagement ring designers your jeweler features on their website before you visit.  You will probably see many designs, from each designer, that have a similar look. 
  2. When you find a design that you fall in love with,  a picture will not tell the tale. You need to see rings with your own eyes and hold them in your hand to see and feel the differences. 
    • Some rings simply look brighter and richer. It is not your imagination.
    • Does the ring have a tailored feel?
    • A ring needs adequate metal at the bottom of the shank and throughout the ring without feeling bulky.  
    • Are the prongs holding the side diamonds of sufficient thickness to ensure the diamonds are secure? A ring may have small prongs to hold a small diamond, so it is OK if the prongs are smaller, as long as they are in proportion to the stone they are holding. The prongs should not be so bulky that they cover the diamonds.
  3. Be sure to ask the jeweler if they offer complimentary cleaning every six months and annual inspections, to assure you that the stones are safe and the ring has not been unintentionally damaged? 
    • Remember your engagement ring is not indestructible, so it is incumbent on the bride to take adequate care to ensure her ring does not get damaged. For example… Don’t lift weights or go water skiing, unless she wears special gloves.

Ultimately, if you are practical, without losing the excitement of buying an engagement ring, all will go well.


Style numbers from left: WC6024, LC6024, LC6077, LC10350, LC6026, LJ6033

Coast Diamond’s Standards of Quality

Elegant design and superb quality are the hallmarks of a Coast Diamond ring. Consistency in the qualities of old-world craftsmanship has proven to be the standard by which Coast founder and designer, Jay Gilbert, has built Coast’s success upon for 40 years. Quality begins with an elegant design, perfectly engineered by a world-class craftsman. A correctly designed ring enables our expert diamond setters and jewelers to add the finishing touches to ensure the highest quality ring. Our diamond setters and jewelers add the finishing touches to ensure the highest quality.

Each Coast Diamond ring, necklace or pair of earrings is set with diamonds that are carefully selected and measured. Our quality diamonds are of SI1 clarity and G/H color. But what does that even mean?

Let us explain with…

The Four Cs of Quality

The nuts and bolts of diamond quality are the Four Cs: cut, clarity, color and carat.


The cut of a diamond is the factor that is most important to the sparkle and all-around appearance of the diamond.

GIA cut anatomy diagram

The cut grade scale ranges are excellent, very good, good, fair and poor. It is best to choose your preference of cut grade and then move on to clarity.

Read more about the cut on the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) )website.


Clarity is graded on the absence of unique marks on or within the diamond. There are 11 grades on the clarity scale.

GIA clarity scale

According to the GIA website, most diamonds fall into the VS or SI categories. These natural flaws are unique in each diamond. You can choose a diamond center stone where the flaws are hidden, or nearly invisible, in your engagement ring setting. It is extremely rare to find a flawless diamond.

The diamonds used in our Coast settings are SI1 quality diamonds.

Read more about clarity on the GIA website.


The color of a diamond is a less obvious characteristic of a diamond. (Unless you choose a colored diamond like pink or yellow, in which case these diamonds are graded outside of this scale.) Most diamonds are colorless or near colorless. The scale begins with D being colorless.

GIA color scale

Something to consider… A diamond that is yellow/brown is nice set in yellow gold, but if you are choosing platinum you want a diamond that is colorless to near colorless.

Coast’s diamonds are of G/H color.

Read more about the color of diamonds on the GIA website.

Carat Weight

Carat refers to the weight of a diamond. Don’t get that confused with size, because when comparing one-carat diamonds they can be slightly different in size. This is especially true if you are considering different cuts.

Diamond Cuts GIA

The one carat (weight) diamond can be different in size, particularly when comparing different cuts of diamonds.

Our Coast Diamond rings are commonly designed to fit a one-carat diamond center stone. However, most Coast Diamond rings can be customized to fit the carat (and cut) of your choice.

Read more about carat weight on the GIA website.

So, which of The Four Cs is most important? Take a minute to read this interesting article we found to help you decide What’s the Most Important C?


Style numbers from left: LC5410-PRS, LC5410-PC, LC5410, LC5391-PRS

How to Find a Quality Jeweler

Now that you’ve learned a bit about The Four Cs, you are ready to find a jeweler to help you choose the perfect Coast Diamond engagement ring. Taking the time to find a reputable jeweler ensures you get quality in customer service, selection and all around shopping experience. These are our thoughts for finding a quality jeweler…

  1. Coast Authorized Dealers
    • The personnel at these select stores understand the importance of elegant design and superb quality. They have years of experience helping couples find the perfect engagement ring that will be cherished for a lifetime.
  2. Better Business Bureau (BBB)
    • Find reviews, reports, directories, listings and even gripes on the BBB.
  3. Read reviews on websites such as Yelp, WeddingWire, The Knot and Google.
  4. Longevity… If a jewelry store has been around for a while, they probably have a loyal customer base and that only happens for one reason… they take good care of their customers.
  5. Gemological Institute of America (GIA)gia-certified-seal
    • Dedicated to the science and education of gems and jewelry.
    • Creator of the “4Cs” and the International Diamond Grading System™
    • A GIA credential is a symbol of knowledge and trust.
  6. American Gem Society (AGS)AGS logo
    • Focus on consumer protection in the jewelry industry and high expectations in ethical standards.
    • Only 3400 fine jewelers in the world are AGS certified as Registered Jewelers, Certified Gemologists, Certified Gemologist Appraisers, Independent Certified Gemologist Appraisers, Certified Sales Associates and/or Certified Jewelry Arts Professionals.

Whew! We hope you have gained a wealth of information for your engagement ring shopping from our series, The Coast Diamond Men’s Guide to Buying an Engagement Ring. You can revisit the other posts in this series at the Style and Value links.

It’s Engagement Season! Happy Engagement Ring Shopping!

Love is in the Air at Coast Diamond Featured Retailer Munn’s Diamond Gallery of Central PA

Munn's Diamond Gallery Lemoyne PA

Chris Munn, of Munn’s Diamond Gallery,  has a lot of love. He loves diamonds. He loves people. He loves learning about diamonds and people. He loves helping people learn about diamonds. He loves sharing fun facts and jewelry cleaning tips on Facebook. He loves watching someone try on a piece of jewelry and seeing the look on their face when they know it’s the one. As one customer put it, “After experiencing other jewelers, we felt 100% comfortable here, learned so much and really appreciated Chris’ kindness and patience with us!” Love is in the air at Munn’s Diamond Gallery of Central Pennsylvania, and we are happy to call them our Coast Diamond Retailer of the Week.

Munns Diamonds Gallery fall photo @SusquehannaRiverValley @SusquehannaRiverValley

So often we hear people say, “October is my favorite month of the year.” We love the changing of the colors of the leaves. We love to throw on a sweater on a chilly day.

Love is in the air.

It’s the perfect time to get engaged.

Munn’s Diamond Gallery has some magnificent Coast Diamond engagement ring suggestions for your fall proposal.

Which engagement ring would she LOVE…

A Statement Piece

Coast Diamond 1.5CT engagement ring LC5292 2 rows diamonds

A sparkling statement, this spectacular Coast Diamond 1.5 ct engagement ring (LC5292) has two rows of diamonds (0.93 ctw) on the shank. That is almost 2.5 carats of diamonds on her finger to keep her warm and cozy all year long.

A Modern HaloCoast Diamond modern halo engagement ring LC5340

The halo design is modernized in this enchanting Coast Diamond 1 ct halo engagement ring (LC5340) with a diamond encrusted split-shank. The sophisticated design is as timeless as your love.

A Romantic Solitaire

Coast Diamond Romance Collection solitaire engagement ring LC5442 graduated pave diamond shank

When love is in the air, romance is not far behind. This gorgeous Coast Diamond 1 ct solitaire engagement ring (LC5442) has pavé set diamonds on the shank of the ring, which increase in size as they approach the center stone. Pavé is French for paved. Ooh la la!

Chris Munn can’t wait to share his love of diamonds with you. He will help you find the engagement ring she’ll love for your fall proposal. Stop in today at Munn’s Diamond Gallery in Central PA:

munns storefront small

1203 Market Street
Lemoyne, PA 17043

Phone: 1-877-Diamond


Socialize with Munn’s Diamond Gallery on  Facebook

Congratulations to Munn’s Diamond Gallery of Central PA for being our Coast Diamond Retailer of the Week!


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Speak Without Words With the Gift of Coast Diamond From Koser Jewelers, Lancaster, PA

Coast Diamond solitaire engagement ring LC7048 marquise and round shaped diamond band with geometric band

A man walks into a jewelry store and it was love at first sight. Not with a watch, or an engagement ring, but with the woman behind the counter. It was April Fools Day, but this was no joke. Since that day, Randy and Betsy Wolgemuth’s life together has been full. Koser Jewelers has been part of that joy since 1988 when they took over the jewelry store with its tradition of excellence that began in 1952. They enjoy continuing to provide quality merchandise and personal service to Koser Jewelers’ customers while advancing in today’s technology-driven needs. For their ability to balance tradition and innovation we are pleased to have Koser Jewelers of Lancaster, PA as our Coast Diamond Retailer of the Week.

Things to Know About Koser Jewelers…

Koser Jewelers $60000 Tennis Challenge Champion Madison Brengle

  • The 2018 champion of the Koser Jewelers’ Tennis Challenge, Madison Brengle. The purse for the win went from $25,000 to $60,000 this year. Lancaster Online explains, “The Koser is the fifth and final leg of a special ‘Wild Card Challenge’ for American players to earn points for a direct bid to the Open.”

Koser Jewelers 2018 Customer Appreciation Night

  • Koser Jewelers was chosen as a finalist in America’s Coolest Stores.
  • The Koser Jewelers’ promise is to listen more than they talk, to provide you with their full attention and to be honest… always.

Speak Without Words

No matter how your love story began, it is fantastically unique to you. Your engagement ring tells your story and speaks without words for generations.

These Coast Diamond rings at Koser Jewelers speak without words…

COast Diamond modern solitaire engagement ring LC7048 marquise round shapes milgrain edging

Speak forever with this vintage Coast Diamond solitaire engagement ring (LC7048). Its intricate band with bezel set diamonds (0.12CT) in marquise and round shapes gives it a modern twist. The band is finished with milgrain edging. (Also seen as our featured image.)

Coast Diamond 1CT Solitaire Engagement Ring LC5229 pave diamond gallery

Speak timeless beauty with this truly stunning Coast Diamond solitaire engagement ring (LC5229)Fine pavé set diamonds (0.06CT) decorate the four prongs of the gallery.

Coast Diamond 0.18 carat band WC5183H rose yellow white gold platinum

Speak simplicity with this petite Coast Diamond band (WC5183H) of 0.18CT fishtail set round brilliant diamonds. Our Coast Diamond rings are available in your choice of yellow, rose or white gold, or platinum.

Find these and more Coast Diamond and enjoy the Koser Jewelers experience at:

Koser Jewelers Lancaster PA storefront

811 E. Main Street
Mount Joy, PA 17552

Phone: (717) 653-4941

To contact Koser Jewelers click HERE.


Socialize with Koser Jewelers on: Facebook  instagram twitter Google + Logo  youtube_64dp  pinterest-icon  yelp burst

Congratulations Koser Jewelers of Central Pennsylvania for being our Coast Diamond Retailer of the Week!


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Coast Diamond Retailer of the Week, Diamonds Direct Opens its Doors in Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio is buzzing since the grand opening of Diamonds Direct. With over 20 years in the diamond business and 15 locations across the United States, Diamond Direct has established itself as a leading fine jewelry retailer. Diamonds Direct has developed a signature approach to serving their customers that has earned them exceptional reviews and awards like Most Innovative Retailer by JCK Magazine. We are excited for the future of our Coast Diamond Retailer of the Week, Diamonds Direct, Columbus, OH.

Diamonds Direct Columbus OH ribbon cutting ceremony

“At the heart of our culture is a family atmosphere where teamwork, fun and a positive attitude are crucial to providing a unique shopping experience that sets us apart in the industry.” Diamonds Direct – Our Story on Facebook

While shopping for a Coast Diamond engagement ring, customers in Columbus can look forward to the Diamonds Direct experience of great selection and a no-risk shopping environment.

Great Selection

Diamonds Direct is committed to offering you the very best selection in diamonds, engagement rings, and wedding bands. It is their goal to have the perfect diamond for your engagement ring at the right value. Every time. For every customer.

Coast Diamond twisting halo engagement ring LC5449 1.5 carat

Coast Diamond twisting halo engagement ring (LC5449) with intertwining diamonds to create a halo around the 1.5-carat center stone of your choice. Diamonds Direct and The Kimberley Process guarantees your diamond is conflict-free.

Coast Diamond woven fashion band WC10306H platinum white gold

This Coast Diamond intertwining band (WC10306H) of fishtail set diamonds is a sparkling addition to your stack of diamond bands.

Coast Diamond 0.30 carat band WC5180H rose yellow white gold platinum

This Coast Diamond wedding band (WC5180H) is created with 0.30CT of fishtail set diamonds and is available in yellow, white or rose gold or platinum.

No Risk Shopping Environment

Diamonds Direct’s exceptional experience doesn’t stop with the beautiful environment you find yourself shopping in.

Diamonds Direct Columbus OH reception area

Diamonds Direct Columbus OH showroom 2

They promise… “Our selection, education, warranties, and guarantees create a no-risk shopping environment that is customer focused and flexible to make sure we maximize the customer’s budget and exceed their expectations.”

Stop in today to meet the staff at Diamonds Direct, Columbus and experience their great selection and no risk shopping environment for yourself.

Diamonds Direct Columbus OH

Polaris Fashion Place

1330 Polaris Pkwy
Columbus, OH 43240

Phone: (614) 516-0515



Find Diamonds Direct, Columbus on: Facebook  instagram  pinterest-icon

Congratulations Diamonds Direct, Columbus, OH! We are thrilled to call you our Coast Diamond Retailer of the Week!


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A Coast Diamond Engagement Ring is the Symbol of Your Match Made in Heaven… Find Yours at Retailer of the Week, Olinger Diamond Center, Jasper, IN

You have found the love of your life and now you want an engagement ring that represents the love you share. In Jasper, Indiana, Olinger Diamond Center helps couples find not just any engagement ring, but the ring that is the symbol of your match made in heaven. Olinger takes great pride in their personable service, which is why they have been Jasper’s trusted diamond source for 28 years. This week we are pleased to call Olinger Diamond Center of Jasper, IN our Coast Diamond Retailer of the Week.


Passionate about diamonds, Kevin Olinger began providing couples the best service and prices in Jasper in 1990.

Together, Olinger Diamond Center and Coast Diamond meet the high expectations of Jasper brides for an exquisite and timeless engagement ring. Coast creates classic and romantic engagement ring designs and Olinger helps you finish the design by guiding you through the diamond buying process. Owner Kevin Olinger holds degrees in geology, jewelry manufacturing arts, diamonds and diamond grading. David Welch is Olinger’s Jeweler of America Certified Master Bench Jeweler, of which there are only 300 in the country. Feeling confident in Olinger yet? We sure are.

Look at these Coast Diamond rings Jasper brides are choosing.

Coast Diamond 1CT solitaire Engagement ring LS20000

The elegant Coast Diamond one carat solitaire engagement ring (LS20000) has 0.66 tdw of round brilliant diamonds on the band.

Coast Diamond band WC20015 0.50ctw micro-prong setting Allure Collection

A match made in heaven for the Coast solitaire above, this Coast Diamond band (LS20015) boasts a half carat of round diamonds for brilliant sparkle.

Coast Diamond halo engagement ring LC10420 fishtail set Charisma Collection

The Coast Diamond cushion shaped halo engagement ring (LC10420) sets off a beautiful one carat round diamond center stone chosen with the help of the experts at Olinger.

Coast Diamond rings are completely customizable for any shape or size center stone and any metal type, making each ring as unique as the bride wearing it. The end result is an engagement ring that symbolizes your love as a match made in heaven.

We can’t wait to see what you choose when you visit Olinger Diamond Center.

Olinger Diamond Center Jasper, IN storefront

237 S. U.S. 231
Jasper, IN 47546
Phone: (812) 482-4214


Don’t forget to #ShowYourCoast on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We love to hear how Coast Diamond is part of your love story.

Congratulations to Olinger Diamond Center of Jasper, IN for being our Coast Diamond Retailer of the Week!


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