Signature Color Jewelry

Coast Diamond founder and CEO Jay Gilbert loves to create unique engagement rings, wedding bands and jewelry, but he is equally passionate about rare color gemstones. While diamonds are traditional in engagement rings, some women like to go for something different, such as the blue sapphire halo engagement ring that was originally worn by Princess Diana and now graces the hand of Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

Jay travels the world to select stunning color gemstones, such as spinels, alexandrites, rubies, tourmalines, and of course, sapphires in blue…and pink. The stones are beautiful on their own, but when Jay places a round, cushion or oval gem in a Coast Diamond setting, you have a ring that will one day be lovingly cherished and an heirloom for future generations, such as this 4.14 carat cushion cut Pink Sapphire set in platinum:

Coast Diamond Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring 2854_0Click here to see other unique engagement rings and jewelry pieces in the Coast Diamond Signature Color Collection.


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