Robbins Brothers Multi-Designer Event

Robbins_trunk_show_adAttention Southern California residents! Robbins Brothers The Engagement Ring Store in San Diego is hosting a Designer Event June 16th and 17th.

Make sure to stop by to find special in-store promotions that include Coast Diamond engagement rings and diamond jewelry. With summer around the corner, there’s no better time than now to begin planning for a proposal!

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Summer Love’s Engagement Ring at Robbins Brothers, The Engagement Ring Store

Robbins Brothers The Engagement Ring Store Logo

It’s June and there is nothing like summer love. Long walks on a sandy beach… Dinner on a moonlit patio… Movie in the park… Hiking with a view for miles… holding hands. Since the 1950’s Robbins Brothers has been a part of every kind of summer love. “The Engagement Ring Store” loves to help you add meaning to your engagement ring through customization, use an heirloom diamond in your summer love’s engagement ring, and choose the perfect – but unique – matching wedding band. Robbins Brothers hospitality and loads of inspiration, from their website to their store experience, is the perfect place to find your summer love’s engagement ring. Coast Diamond is thrilled to honor Robbins Brothers and their 15 locations as our Coast Diamond Retailer of the Week.

A romantic movie in the park is screaming for this summer love engagement ring. The Coast Diamond cushion shaped halo engagement ring (LC5409) fits an heirloom 1CT diamond center stone to perfection.

Dinner and a walk on the beach is the perfect place to present your summer love with this Coast Diamond petite prong set diamond engagement ring (LC5386). The matching band (WC5386) finished the glamorous wedding set.

A hike on a gorgeous summer day and you present her with this stunning Coast Diamond cushion shaped halo engagement ring (LC5256) with a diamond encrusted band and a side stone for a little extra sparkle. Have fun with your summer love choosing a unique band to complete the set. Matching band WC5256 also available.

Find these Coast Diamond engagement rings for your summer love at one of 15 Robbins Brothers’ – The Engagement Ring Store locations in Arizona, California, Texas and Washington.

Robbins Brothers The Engagement Ring Store

Phone: (800) 295-1543

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Congratulation to Robbins Brothers, The Engagement Ring Store, for being our Coast Diamond Retailer of the Week!


Engagement Ring Buying Tips From Adolf Jewelers in Richmond, VA

Adolf Jewelers - Relax

Buying an engagement ring can be a daunting experience. You can ask around and get all kinds of tips from your best friend, your mom and online. Another great resource is a family owned jewelry business that has been around a while. They have some very reliable advice, because they have seen a lot of engagement rings and talked to a lot of couples. Adolf Jewelers of Richmond, VA is one such jeweler. They have been in business for over 50 years and this family owned business has years of feedback to share with you. Here are a chosen few tips based on what our Coast Diamond Retailer of the Week, Adolf Jewelers has to say about buying an engagement ring.

The Kiss Her Hand Tip

And keep your eyes open! Women with long fingers can easily wear bold ring styles. Extremely delicate settings tend to get lost on large hands, over-emphasizing their size and making the ring look smaller. A traditional 1Ct Coast Diamond solitaire engagement ring (LC5388RG) gets a fresh look when set in rose and white gold. The delicate cathedral setting boasts a peek-a-boo diamond under the center stone.

Coast Diamond 1CT solitaire engagement ring lc5388rg rose gold peek a boo diamond

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The Lifestyle Tip

How will the ring fit her lifestyle? Does she have a job where fussy jewelry would look out of place? Does she work a lot with her hands? Is she an outdoorsy type, or does she prefer a night out on the town? Lifestyle matters. A lot. This Coast Diamond halo engagement ring (LC6081-WC6081) is a classic style that is embellished with an engraved band; a simple and charming engagement ring that suits many lifestyles.

Coast Diamond halo engagement ring lc6081 engraved band

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The Shape & Setting Tip

Round is the #1 diamond shape chosen by most brides, but maybe not your bride. She might prefer an elongated marquise, an oval- or pear-shaped stone, or a square- or emerald-cut diamond. This Coast Diamond wedding set (LS10005-WS10005) is adorned with fishtail set diamonds. A center stone of any shape would look gorgeous in this ring.

Coast Diamond 1CT round diamond engagement ring fishtail set band

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After you have gathered some information from the tips you have heard (more tips found here) take it to Adolf Jewelers, where they will “make you happy” when you find the Coast Diamond engagement ring of your bride’s dreams.

Adolf Jewelers
Ridge Shopping Center
1537 N. Parham Road
Richmond, Virginia 23229

Phone: (804) 285-3671 or toll free (877) 285-3671

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Congratulations to Adolf Jewelers, Richmond, VA for being our Coast Diamond Retailer of the Week!


Love these Coast Diamond Rings with a Vintage Influence at C.F. Reuschlein Jewelers of Huntington, WV

CF Reuschlein logo

Vintage – Antique – Aged like fine wine – Years of experience… Hear these words and it evokes great excitement in many of us. At Coast Diamond we love vintage and that is why each of our rings has a hint of vintage influence. At C.F Reuschlein Jewelers we can say they have lived vintage, even antique; their doors opened in 1891! It’s pure excitement to shop in their store and there is no better place to find a vintage engagement ring than with the help of their expert staff. For their 126 years of serving the community of Huntington, WV, Coast Diamond is thrilled to call C.F. Reuschlein Jewelers our Retailer of the Week.

Vintage Pink Tourmaline

Coast Diamond 2.01 CT pink tourmaline halo engagement ring rose gold

Click image for details.

For the one you love on any occasion, engagement, anniversary or any such special day, this Coast Diamond 2.01CT pink tourmaline ring (LCK10288-PT) set in rose gold is any girls dream. As the modern day birthstone for those born in October and the official gemstone of the eighth anniversary, what a wonderful surprise to give the one you love such a gorgeous and thoughtful gift.

Vintage Halo

Coast Diamond Halo Engagement Ring LC5410 award winning

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The most customizable Coast Diamond vintage design is this petite halo engagement ring (LC5410). Choose the shape of the center stone; pear, oval, round, princess… and create a one-of-a-kind engagement ring that reflects your one-of-a-kind love. Make it even more unique with your choice of metal(s): rose, yellow or white gold, or platinum, or mix a couple for a truly creative design.

Vintage Solitaire

Coast Diamond 2CT solitaire engagement ring LC10020 diamond band WC10020

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The most classic of engagement ring design is the solitaire engagement ring. She will shout for joy when you ask for her hand in marriage with this Coast Diamond 2CT solitaire engagement ring (LC10020-WC10020) accented with intricately set diamonds on the band of the engagement ring and matching wedding band.

The excitement begins at C.F. Reuschlein Jewelers as soon as you walk into their stunning showroom. You can find it a little easier by looking for the 20 foot tall Seth Thomas Clock set out in front of the store, as it has been for over 100 years.

947 Third Ave.
Huntington, WV 25701

Phone: (304) 697-7710


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Congratulations to C.F. Reuschlein Jewelers in Huntington, WV for being our Coast Diamond Retailer of the Week , but even more impressive… being a staple in the Huntington community since 1891!


Coast Diamond Engagement Rings Fit for Royalty – Ford, Gittings and Kane Jewelers of Rome, GA


With as much thought and value put into choosing an engagement ring, it is a treasure that can be passed down through the generations. An engagement ring is a family heirloom. There is a jewelry store in Rome, Georgia that has made it their goal for almost 60 years to help you give gifts that will last for generations. That store is Ford, Gittings & Kane Jewelers and we are thrilled to once again call them our Coast Diamond Retailer of the week.

Perhaps the most obvious display of family heirlooms that last for generations is in the world of royalty. From tiaras to necklaces, bracelets to rings, there is no richer display of family heritage in diamonds and gemstones on earth. When a prince or princess gets engaged it is almost always with an engagement ring created using the diamonds and gemstones of generations before them.

Queen Elizabeth II’s engagement ring was commissioned in 1947 by Prince Philip using the diamonds from his mother’s (Greece’s Princess Alice) tiara. This Coast Diamond hand-engraved cushion shaped halo engagement ring (LC6061) is the perfect marriage of vintage and modern. Its band resembles that of Queen Elizabeth’s engagement ring with the width of the band being wider at the center stone.


Click image for details.

Princess Diana’s engagement ring created quite a scandal because it was not custom-made as was typical of the royal family. Rather Princess Diana chose her ring from the royal jeweler’s retail collection. Today it is worn by her daughter-in-law Kate Middleton. Fit for a princess, the Coast Diamond 3.35CT unheated sapphire halo engagement ring (LSK10082-S) is surrounded by 1CT of diamonds and set in platinum.

Coast Diamond 3.25CT unheated blue sapphire halo engagement ring LSK10082

Click image for details. 

For the royalty in your life Coast Diamond suggests the Coast Diamond petite two-tone halo engagement ring (LC5403RG). The 1CT diamond center stone has a double prong setting and halo of white gold and is finished with diamonds decorating the band of rose gold. The matching rose gold diamond band (WC5403RG) is the perfect complement and makes this a wedding set to pass down through generations.

Coast Diamond petite 1CT round halo wedding set in rose gold LC5403 WC5403 double prong

Click image for details. 

Get treated like royalty at Ford, Gittings & Kane Jewelers when you visit them at:

Ford Gittings & Kane Rome GA storefront

312 Broad Street
Rome, GA 30161

Phone: (706) 291-8811 Toll Free (800) 404-8192


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Congratulations to Ford, Gittings & Kane Jewelers of Rome, GA for being our Coast Diamond Retailer of the Week!