Coast Diamond’s Highlighted Retailer is Hannoush Jewelers in Albany, New York!

Hannoush’s Story

The Hannoush family’s immigration to the United States in 1972 was followed by many years of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. Shortly after arriving in New England, the brothers established a niche for themselves in the jewelry industry by performing expert jewelry repair and diamond remounting for one of the nation’s largest chain jewelers. During this same period, after several attempts in other industries, Elias returned to his passion and began creating his own fine jewelry, hoping to open his own store someday.

In August of 1984, with his wife and four young children by his side, Elias realized his dream and opened his first jewelry store in Albany, New York. Ten years after his grand opening — given the community’s wonderful response to the quality of Hannoush goods and thoroughness of Hannoush customer care — Elias doubled the size of his original store and opened two other jewelry stores nearby. By this time, his eldest son, Albert — who was only in high school, was working side by side with Elias and focusing his efforts on sales and marketing.

In 1996, he graduated from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and became one of the Capital District’s first Graduate Gemologists. Over the years, many members of the Hannoush staff have successfully completed GIA’s diamond grading course. An educated staff that cares about the corporate mission and manifests the same fundamental principles has been one of the key aspects of the Hannoush family’s longevity in a very competitive industry. Their passion for quality jewelry and appreciation for the individuals who enter their store has created a commitment to seamless customer service.

Today, Elias’s sons, Albert and David, tirelessly work to continue their father’s legacy of creating quality jewelry and providing exceptional customer service from one of the Capital Districts’ premier jewelry stores. An expanded bridal inventory and huge diamond selection have enabled consumers to find exactly what they are looking for and the Hannoush family ensures it is available at the absolute best price.

Throughout the more than three decades of successful business in the Capital District, the Hannoush family has learned that a bond is created when an individual buys a piece of their jewelry. It is pride in craftsmanship and their commitment to excellence that has enabled Hannoush Jewelers to commit to it’s mission of being a family business you can trust. We are proud to call Hannoush Jewelers Coast Diamond’s featured retailer!

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