A Stack of Rings That is Perfectly You from Coast at J. Brooks Jewelers of Utah

Coast Diamond stackable rings WC30100H, WC10194H, WC20020C-S, WC10306H & WC10193

Your stack of rings is perfectly you. As Coast Diamond designer, Jay Gilbert, and his expert design staff continue to create stackable diamond rings inspired by today’s woman, discerning retailers like J. Brooks Jewelers get excited to showcase these designs to you. J. Brooks Jewelers make every effort to stay away from the ordinary and provide only the highest quality and most fashionable designs in their showrooms, just for you. So, you can be confident you have created a stack of rings only worn by you. We are pleased to highlight J. Brooks Jewelers of Utah for the fourth time in as many years as our Coast Diamond Retailer of the Week.

Coast Diamond ring stack top to bottom WC10375H_WC5191YG_WC7034_WC20020C-R_WC5191RG_WC7048

Style numbers from top: WC10375H, WC5191YG, WC7034, WC20020C-R, WC5191RG & WC7048

This “trend” of stacking rings is sticking around… Have you created yours?

J. Brooks Jewelers and Coast Diamond offer you a great selection to choose from… rubies and sapphires, eternity bands, pavé and fishtail set diamonds… and so much more!

There is positively a stack of rings to be made that is perfectly you!

Rubies and Sapphires

Coast Diamond ruby and sapphire diamond bands WC20020C-R, WC10175H-S, WC20089-R, WC10177C-S, WC10175H-R, style number unknown, WC20020C-S, style number unknown, style number unknown

Rubies and Sapphires Stack from top: WC20020C-R, WC10175H-S, WC20089-R, WC10177C-S, WC10175H-R, WC10178H-S, WC20020C-S & WC10178H-R

Many of the Coast fashion band styles are available to customize with rubies and sapphires. Ask your J. Brooks jeweler how you can put color in your stack of rings.


Coast Diamond eternity bands LC2012A, WC10155H, WC7086H

Eternity Stack from top: LC2012A, WC10155 & WC7086

The eternity band is a symbol of unending love and they make for a stunningly glittery stack of rings. There is nothing more breathtaking or romantic than brilliant diamonds in varying shapes finished with milgrain bead edging.


Coast Diamond Pave Set Diamond Stack WC10194H, WC10190H, WC10193 & WC10156

Pavé Stack from top: WC10194H, WC10190H, WC10193 & WC10156

Your finger paved in diamonds is the very French thing to do. A stack of rings with pavé set diamonds set in ultra shiny white gold bands create a tailored and refined stack. Slip in a band of varying shapes (like the stack above) for a little fun.


Mix It Up

Mix it up stack of rings WC10375H, WC20194H, WC7084H & WC7083H

Mix It Up Stack from top: WC10375H, WC20194H, WC7084H & WC7083H

Sleek rows of fishtail set diamonds with a dainty art deco band or two, every one of them your favorite, is our favorite way to go. We love them all!

Start your ring stack shopping today at J. Brooks Jewelers in Utah. They have two locations for you to choose from.

J. Brooks Jewelers Utah logo

J. Brooks Jewelers Murray

152 East Winchester St
Murray, Utah 84107
(801) 266-4747

J. Brooks Jewelers Lehi

1791 West Traverse Parkway, Suite B
Lehi, Utah 84043
(385) 366-7400

Click here to contact J. Brooks Jewelers


Socialize with J. Brooks on: Facebook  pinterest-icon  instagram  youtube_64dp

Congratulations to J. Brooks Jewelers of Utah for being our Coast Diamond Retailer of the Week!

Don’t forget to #showyourcoast!
*For a Coast Diamond Authorized Dealer near you click here.
**Featured image style numbers from top: WC10189H, WC10194H, WC20020C-S, WC10306H & WC10193

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