Engagement Ring Buying Tips From Adolf Jewelers in Richmond, VA

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Buying an engagement ring can be a daunting experience. You can ask around and get all kinds of tips from your best friend, your mom and online. Another great resource is a family owned jewelry business that has been around a while. They have some very reliable advice, because they have seen a lot of engagement rings and talked to a lot of couples. Adolf Jewelers of Richmond, VA is one such jeweler. They have been in business for over 50 years and this family owned business has years of feedback to share with you. Here are a chosen few tips based on what our Coast Diamond Retailer of the Week, Adolf Jewelers has to say about buying an engagement ring.

The Kiss Her Hand Tip

And keep your eyes open! Women with long fingers can easily wear bold ring styles. Extremely delicate settings tend to get lost on large hands, over-emphasizing their size and making the ring look smaller. A traditional 1Ct Coast Diamond solitaire engagement ring (LC5388RG) gets a fresh look when set in rose and white gold. The delicate cathedral setting boasts a peek-a-boo diamond under the center stone.

Coast Diamond 1CT solitaire engagement ring lc5388rg rose gold peek a boo diamond

Click image for details.

The Lifestyle Tip

How will the ring fit her lifestyle? Does she have a job where fussy jewelry would look out of place? Does she work a lot with her hands? Is she an outdoorsy type, or does she prefer a night out on the town? Lifestyle matters. A lot. This Coast Diamond halo engagement ring (LC6081-WC6081) is a classic style that is embellished with an engraved band; a simple and charming engagement ring that suits many lifestyles.

Coast Diamond halo engagement ring lc6081 engraved band

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The Shape & Setting Tip

Round is the #1 diamond shape chosen by most brides, but maybe not your bride. She might prefer an elongated marquise, an oval- or pear-shaped stone, or a square- or emerald-cut diamond. This Coast Diamond wedding set (LS10005-WS10005) is adorned with fishtail set diamonds. A center stone of any shape would look gorgeous in this ring.

Coast Diamond 1CT round diamond engagement ring fishtail set band

Click image for details.

After you have gathered some information from the tips you have heard (more tips found here) take it to Adolf Jewelers, where they will “make you happy” when you find the Coast Diamond engagement ring of your bride’s dreams.

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Congratulations to Adolf Jewelers, Richmond, VA for being our Coast Diamond Retailer of the Week!


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