Love these Coast Diamond Rings with a Vintage Influence at C.F. Reuschlein Jewelers of Huntington, WV

CF Reuschlein logo

Vintage – Antique – Aged like fine wine – Years of experience… Hear these words and it evokes great excitement in many of us. At Coast Diamond we love vintage and that is why each of our rings has a hint of vintage influence. At C.F Reuschlein Jewelers we can say they have lived vintage, even antique; their doors opened in 1891! It’s pure excitement to shop in their store and there is no better place to find a vintage engagement ring than with the help of their expert staff. For their 126 years of serving the community of Huntington, WV, Coast Diamond is thrilled to call C.F. Reuschlein Jewelers our Retailer of the Week.

Vintage Pink Tourmaline

Coast Diamond 2.01 CT pink tourmaline halo engagement ring rose gold

Click image for details.

For the one you love on any occasion, engagement, anniversary or any such special day, this Coast Diamond 2.01CT pink tourmaline ring (LCK10288-PT) set in rose gold is any girls dream. As the modern day birthstone for those born in October and the official gemstone of the eighth anniversary, what a wonderful surprise to give the one you love such a gorgeous and thoughtful gift.

Vintage Halo

Coast Diamond Halo Engagement Ring LC5410 award winning

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The most customizable Coast Diamond vintage design is this petite halo engagement ring (LC5410). Choose the shape of the center stone; pear, oval, round, princess… and create a one-of-a-kind engagement ring that reflects your one-of-a-kind love. Make it even more unique with your choice of metal(s): rose, yellow or white gold, or platinum, or mix a couple for a truly creative design.

Vintage Solitaire

Coast Diamond 2CT solitaire engagement ring LC10020 diamond band WC10020

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The most classic of engagement ring design is the solitaire engagement ring. She will shout for joy when you ask for her hand in marriage with this Coast Diamond 2CT solitaire engagement ring (LC10020-WC10020) accented with intricately set diamonds on the band of the engagement ring and matching wedding band.

The excitement begins at C.F. Reuschlein Jewelers as soon as you walk into their stunning showroom. You can find it a little easier by looking for the 20 foot tall Seth Thomas Clock set out in front of the store, as it has been for over 100 years.

947 Third Ave.
Huntington, WV 25701

Phone: (304) 697-7710


Click here to contact C.F. Reuschlein Jewelers

Find C.F. Reuschlein on: Facebook

Congratulations to C.F. Reuschlein Jewelers in Huntington, WV for being our Coast Diamond Retailer of the Week , but even more impressive… being a staple in the Huntington community since 1891!


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