When Nothing Less Than One Carat Will Do Shop Hannoush Jewelers of Albany, NY


When Coast Diamond chooses a featured retailer for the week we notice that many of them have one thing in common; longevity in the very competitive business of fine jewelry. Hannoush Jewelers of Albany, NY fits that criteria. The Hannoush family’s love of fine jewelry began before their immigration to the United States in 1972. Hard work and passion resulted in the first Hannoush Jewelers store in Albany, NY in 1984.  Over the years, Hannoush Jewelers has created a bond with each customer who buys a piece of jewelry from them. It is through tireless creativity and their commitment to seamless customer service that they have developed that bond and Coast Diamond is thrilled to honor this passion for jewelry by calling Hannoush Jewelers our Retailer of the Week.

When nothing less than a carat will do, shopping at a fine jewelry store like Hannoush Jewelers is imperative. Confidence and accomplishment are what the staff at Hannoush will provide.

When nothing less than one carat will do…


Coast Diamond 1CT solitaire engagement ring (LC5363) with pavé diamonds on the shoulders, finished with milgrain edging. (Click image for details)

The Coast Diamond Brilliance Collection is nothing less than spectacular. It is full of round brilliant diamond wedding bands that complete your bridal look on the wedding day… or an anniversary… or a birthday… or any day!


Coast Diamond 1CT wedding band (WS20000) from the Brilliance Collection. (Click image for details)

Why not go for more? The double halo engagement ring is an ideal choice.


Coast Diamond 1.25CT double halo engagement ring (LC10130) with a split band of diamonds. (Click image for details)

The Hannoush Jewelers Bridal Event is coming up March 17-18, 2017. It is the perfect time to see these and more Coast Diamond rings. If you can wait that long.

Find Hannoush Jewelers in Albany, NY at:

The Flagship Store


112 Wolf Road
Albany, NY12205

Phone: (518) 472-0368 or Toll Free: (855) 783-2606

Click here to contact Hannoush Jewelers


Find Hannoush Jewelers on: Facebook  twitter  pinterest  instagram

Congratulations to Hannoush Jewelers of Albany, NY for the bonds you build through the trust you earn of your customers, and for being our Coast Diamond Retailer of the Week!


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