Coast Diamond Featured Retailer: The Diamond Connection in San Diego, California


Memorial Day is next Monday, and most businesses, schools, banks and government offices in the United States close for the day to pay tribute to our country’s fallen heroes. Residents of San Diego and surrounding cities, home to Miramar, Camp Pendleton, multiple Naval Bases and the U.S. Coast Guard understand the true meaning of this national holiday as their daily lives are impacted by the brave men and women who train and oversee military operations here.

Military proposals and weddings are obviously very special celebrations in San Diego. It is fitting that community jeweler The Diamond Connection has family ties to the military: owner Adam Lorell’s father served in World War II and returned to run the family’s New York business after serving in the Air Force. Today, Adam and his talented staff help military customers, local residents and tourists find the perfect jewelry gift, engagement ring or wedding band at the lovely Old Town store in San Diego. The week before Memorial Day is the perfect time to name The Diamond Connection our Coast Diamond Featured Retailer.

What bride-to-be wouldn’t say “I do” to a designer engagement ring with a 1.25 carat center diamond? Add a double halo of brilliant diamonds in a platinum setting, and…#OMG! A simple romantic marriage proposal at sunset on the beach in La Jolla will quickly turn into a social media event when onlookers see this Coast Diamond engagement ring from Diamond Connection in San Diego:

Diamond Connection: Coast Diamond Halo Engagement Ring (SKU LC10130)

Diamond Connection: Coast Diamond Double Halo Engagement Ring (SKU LC10130)

Top Gun was famously filmed in San Diego, and we can imagine a fan of this movie setting up a surprise proposal at Kansas City Barbecue, the bar where Maverick (Tom Cruise) and Charlie (Kelly McGillis) have a romantic scene. The perfect ring would be this classic Coast Diamond halo with a round center diamond, also available at The Diamond Connection:

Diamond Connection: Coast Diamond Halo Engagement Ring (SKU LC5391)

Diamond Connection: Coast Diamond Halo Engagement Ring (SKU LC5391)

Find these and other spectacular Coast Diamond engagement rings, wedding bands and other fine jewelry at The Diamond Connection in San Diego, our Featured Retailer.

1755 San Diego Avenue,
San Diego, CA 92110

Open Daily 10am-6pm

Congratulations to The Diamond Connection, our Coast Diamond Featured Retailer!



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