Coast Diamond Featured Retailer: Iannelli Diamonds, Inc. in New York

Iannelli Jewelers in New York: Coast Diamond Featured Retailer

Iannelli Jewelers in New York: Coast Diamond Featured Retailer

New York City is famous for many things: Times Square. Central Park. Broadway. The Empire State Building. The Statue of Liberty. The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Oh, and the best restaurants in the world, right? And of course, the Diamond District, where locals and tourists alike shop for engagement rings, wedding bands, diamond earrings and other romantic one-of-a-kind gifts. There is one destination known for exemplary customer service and exquisite diamonds, and is a Coast Diamond authorized dealer: Iannelli Diamonds, Inc. This family owned jewelry store, our Coast Diamond Featured Retailer, has helped couples find the perfect symbol of love since 1956. Anthony Iannelli and his staff are excited to help you find the perfect Coast Diamond engagement ring and matching wedding band at their showroom in the heart of the Diamond District at 45 West 47th Street, New York, NY.


Trending Coast Diamond engagement rings and wedding bands include solitaires and single-row diamond bands, as pictured below. Clearly New Yorkers are favoring the classic, traditional styles in platinum and white gold. (New York brides certainly love center diamonds that are two carats and larger. And why shouldn’t they?)


Coast Diamond 2 CT engagement ring (LC5466) with 2 rings of diamonds in the gallery and diamonds sparkling down the sides.

Coast Diamond White Gold Wedding Band (WZ5001H)

The ultimate diamond wedding band (WZ5001H), featuring .75 carats of round brilliant diamonds.

When you’re ready to pop the question, why not plan a trip to New York City and visit Iannelli Diamonds, Inc. with your significant other and have her try on Coast Diamond engagement rings? When she finds her favorite style, secretly arrange with Anthony to purchase the ring and center diamond. When the ring is ready, take her to see Phantom of the Opera, the top of the Empire State Building, or for a Central Park carriage ride and surprise her with the most romantic, New York City movie-worthy marriage proposal she’ll never forget that includes the most beautiful diamond engagement ring, designed by Coast Diamond, on her left ring finger.




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