Coast Diamond Featured Retailer: LaRog Brothers Jewelers in Portland, Oregon


Not many jewelry stores, or companies in any other industry for that matter, can boast of four generations carrying on an unparalleled legacy. However, there is a wonderful retailer in Portland, Oregon that has been in operation as a family-owned and operated business since 1910: LaRog Brothers of Portland, OR, a full-service jewelry store that is our Coast Diamond Featured Retailer.

LoRog Brothers Jewelers - Father Stan

LoRog Brothers Jewelers of Portland – Father Stan

Founded by hardworking Russian immigrant Samuel Mazurosky back in 1896, the family’s first small store opened in 1910 in Northwest Portland. Samuel was known for his honesty and outstanding customer service, and as his clientele grew he relocated to a larger store in downtown Portland. The store continued to prosper for over three decades under the leadership of the second and third generations.  In 1946, Sam Rogoway relocated the business to 82nd and Foster in Southeast Portland and gave it the new name of LaRog Jewelers – a combination of Sam’s last name and his wife’s first name.

In 1960 Stan Rogoway, Sam’s brother, took over the business, and today Stan’s two sons, Rick and Dave Rogoway, lead not one but two iconic LaRog locations. Their jewelry expertise, diamond knowledge and incredible customer service are the reason couples in the Portland area shop at LaRog Brothers to find the perfect Coast Diamond engagement rings and wedding bands.

The LaRog Brothers, Rick and Dave Rogoway: Portland's Favorite Jewelers

The LaRog Brothers, Rick and Dave Rogoway: Portland’s Favorite Jewelers

Do brides in the idyllic Pacific Northwest, famous for craft beers, coffee, hip downtown scenes and stunning landscapes go for traditional engagement ring styles, or something more modern? Here are a few Coast Diamond engagement rings that have been saved to “hint lists” at LaRog Brothers Jewelers in recent months:




Find the Coast Diamond engagement ring of your dreams at authorized jeweler LaRog Brothers in Portland, Oregon. Visit their store on the Westside at the corner of SW Hall and Greenburg, near Washington Square, or on the Eastside at Sunnybrook Center, across from the Clackamas Costco.

Congratulations to Rick and Dave Rogoway, and the entire LaRog team, on all of your accomplishments and being named our Coast Diamond Featured Retailer!


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