Coast Diamond Engagement Ring of the Week: 5.82 Carat Green Chrome Tourmaline

If you’re in love with a scientist at MIT or CalTech, you might be asked what you think of XY(3)Z(6) (T6O18)(BO3)3 (V3W) for the center of your engagement ring. Fans of The Big Bang Theory who can relate more to Penny than Leonard will look this up on Wikipedia to find the formula for a gorgeous gemstone similar to this 5.82 carat green chrome tourmaline beauty from Coast Diamond:


This rare 5.82 carat chrome tourmaline is set in 14K white gold and surrounded by a halo of diamonds and is Coast Diamond Engagement Ring of the Week. It is a one-of-a-kind engagement ring and available by special order (subject to availability) at your local Coast Diamond authorized dealer. (Ask for LCK10052-CHT.)

If you’re interested in seeing other rare, unique gemstone engagement rings for a holiday marriage proposal or a gift that will really surprise your significant other this Christmas, check out the Signature Color Collection at




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